Inter-Row Cultivator is used to cultivating and weeding out the groving plants which are planted in rows. It is also possible to fertilize the plant at the same time of cultivating With Fertilizer models in order to speed up development of the plant. Tiny plants in growing stage are prevented to be covered by soil through the adjustable Stardiscs located on both sides of the units. Soil clods are crumbled and smoothen, through the Rollers which are mounted behind the cultivation units. Soil adjustment for each units is also possible as to the size of the plant to be cultivated.The machines are manufactured in the forms of With or Without Fertilizer, Foldable and Spraying models. Transport Attachment can be optionaly mounted for longer versions (9,11,13 Rows) to make the machine easy to be carried on public roads.


Suitable to use in stony fields by its flex tines.

It saves up to 80% in labor cost of cultivating.

Inter-row distance can be adjusted.

Rollers can be replaced with the optional Furrow Openers.

Working Depth can even be kept on rough fields by means of independent units.

It makes possible to cultivate the soil even in slope terrain, without harming the plant, through Anti-skid Guiding Discs.