Pneumatic Precise Planters; are the machines which plant seeds in desired inter-row and row-top distances. The planters are manufactured With or Without Fertilizer forms and easily connected to tractors by means of 3-point linkage system. Sunflower , corn , soy, greenpea , chickpea , bean , peanut , pumpkin , beetseed , heather , onionseed , cotton , tomato , cucumber , melon , watermelon seeds can be precisely planted by appropriate discs .


New generation Micro Granule Fertilizer system can be optionaly mounted as well as normal fertilizers usage.

The seed-axes manufactured from special material are used on each planting units and simple to replace.

Planting depth can be easily adjusted by means of presswheels which are located behind the planting units.

Planting can be done easily in border sides, as the plotting markers are folded fully.

No seed vastage since the machine plants grain-by-grain.

Easy-to-use and long lasting lifetime.