Pneumatic Precise Planter With Double Disc; are the machines which plant seeds in desired inter-row and row-top distances. The planters are manufactured With or Without Fertilizer forms and easily connected to tractors by means of 3-point linkage system. The Pneumatic Planter With Double Disc can precisely sow the seeds, which are sown in one-by-one norm, such as sunflower, corn, chickpea, greenpea, melon, watermelon, peanut etc onto desired row-top distance easily. Additionally; Seed Pressing Wheels, Electronic Control System, Micro Granule Fertilizing System and Fertilizing Discs can optionally be mounted for advanced requirements. Fertilizer Boxes can optioanally be manufactured in Stainless-Steel Inox material.


New generation Micro Granule Fertilizer system can be optionaly mounted as well as normal fertilizers usage.

The Planter is driven by PTO Shaft mainly, but Hydramotor-Drive can also be combined optionally if desired.

Planting depth can be easily adjusted by means of angle adjustable rear presswheels which are located behind the planting units.

Planting can be done easily in border sides, as the plotting markers are folded fully.

No seed vastage since the machine plants grain-by-grain.

Easy-to-use and long lasting lifetime.

2 Carrier Wheels located on both sides of the planter are “moving-type” and standard in all models. These Carrier Wheels can move up and down by the surface of land and thus, a precise planting is also assured on uneven and rough lands.

Stainless-Steel Inox Plates and Plate-Smoothing Brass-Discs which are used on the Seed Chambers enable your planting much more stable ever.