Double Disc Universal Seed Drills are the flex coultered and gearboxed machines which are easily connected to tractors by means of 3-point linkage system. The Seed Drills are manufactured in With or Without Fertilizer models. These machines can precisely seed wheat , barley , oats ,as well as coarse and medium sized seeds like soy, greenpea , lentil and small grained seeds like clover , heather , tomato and spinach .


Pressure can be applied on the burried seeds , by means of pressure-wheels which are mounted on the coulters.

Seed and fertilizer volume to be applied per decare, can be precisely adjusted by its gearbox

Seed and Fertilizer quantity can be easily weigh, by means of its Test Tray

Seeding can be done easily in border sides, as the plotting markers are folded fully.

Tramliner (Hydraulical, Electrical and Automatic) can be optionaly mounted on the machines.

Seeding can be made smoothly on uneven fields, since the seeding-coulters work independently.

Coarse and small sized seeds can be easily applied, by sliding the sliders of the Seed Courses, with modifications made on them.

Smooth seeding can be possible, by means of Trace Removers which are mounted on the seeders in order to roughen the pressed soil which are pressed by the tractor wheels.